Meet Gabriela (DeepSoul)

Country music, blues, and rock ballad solo artist.

Meet The Artist

Gabriela Was born and raised in Germany. She grew up in a charming German Bavarian City of Nuremberg and came from a family of musicians. Her Father always encouraged her to sing, leading her to participating in church & school choirs. As a young adult she was encouraged to take classical voice training, but never pursued the path of professional singing till later in life. She would end up singing with the sweet adeline international chorus and as a soloist in churches. She also enrolled in a 6-year classical voice training which was leading her into Audio Media Recording Studio and also at City View Recording Studio in Oregon where she is currently working on creating records with the help of Kevin McCarthy, Recording Artist. Her Husband Scott Leroy is heavily involved with supporting Gabriela in her God given Musical Journey.

She can sing a wide range of music such as Classical, Rock Ballads, Country, Pop, Blues, Contemporary 80″s, Her voice range is from Contralto to Soprano 2. Her sweet spot is low range contralto.

Charitable Donations

Gabriela (DeepSoul) donates 25% of her earnings to Animal Shelters nearby and to our Veterans with PTSD and/or Veterans with Service Animals.